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Vendor Fire Safety
All vendors are obligated to obey all pertinent fire and safety codes, laws, ordinances, and regulations as mandated by the State of Arizona, City of Scottsdale, and Arizona Bike Week®. The City of Scottsdale Fire Ordinance requires a safety kit (including at least; 1 Fire Extinguisher, 1 Illuminated Exit Sign per exit w/emergency backup lights, Load Occupancy Sign, and No Smoking Sign for all tents 400 sq. ft. and larger. Kits and installation are available in the accessory rental section of the vendor application. Vendors will not be allowed to open for business until safety kit is installed. Scottsdale fire safety code dictates canopies provided by vendors must be fire retardant and certificate must be available for inspection.  All tents and canopies must be held down by Scottsdale approved methods.  Stakes, concrete ballast, and water barrels rated for the tent/canopy structure are acceptable.  Scottsdale Fire Department has final approval authority on all tents.

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